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Ethiopian food is spicy and hot – but not hot! This may seem like a contradiction but Ethiopian food is a unique cuisine with spices that emphasise flavour and not heat – unlike Indian or Thai food, it does not burn and is not an endurance test (the Ethiopian’s leave that to their famous long distance runners). Like most national cuisines, Ethiopian food varies from region to region. Our food has its origins in the Tigray region of Ethiopia .

Injera, the traditional Ethiopian bread, is part of every meal. It is a crepe style pancake which is used as a “scoop” for the food. In Ethiopia , Injera is made from Tef Flour but we use a special mixture of Wheat, Maize, Sorghum flour and yeast to replicate Tef Injera. The lemony taste of injera comes from the fermentation overnight of the mixture – much like sour dough.

Ethiopian coffee from the birthplace of all coffee… Every day we hand roast raw Ethiopian coffee beans. Prepared and spiced in the traditional way & served from a traditional coffee pot. Unlike Italian or Turkish coffee, Ethiopian coffee is neither bitter, thick. It is a smooth, pleasant taste, sweet to the palette and our Sidamo coffee is lower in caffeine than most coffees & teas.


Ethiopia Down Under

As your tastes are not “set”, we do not have set banquets, rather we let you select the food and you all share the dishes. That way you can maximise the flavours you try! Or if you wish you can try the Feed Me option – we will ask about food preferences and/or allergies and then order a range of somosa, breads and mains to maximise your exposure to the flavours! You all share the food and we explain the dishes as they arrive. This is also known as the “No Think” Option!


In Ethiopia a family eats at a traditional “mosob” or table plate. The food is shared off one plate. We also serve in this fashion but at western tables as it is better for your back. 5-6 dishes are served on the traditional injera bread which is used to “scoop” up the food. We have a regular discounted blackboard special for Mosob dining at $22.00 * per head including traditional coffee. You will not need an entrée as there is plenty of food to share. Vegetarian & Vegan versions available.

* Discount cards/coupons are not valid for Mosab

  • A typical Mosob Plate with food served on injera bread
  • Children? Most children enjoy this food – we recommend you let them participate in sharing the dishes you select.

Kosher and Halal Diners Our kitchen is not strictly halal or kosher but as Ethiopians follow similar dietary restrictions NO pork or seafood products are used in our kitchen nor in any of the food we purchase.

Gluten Free Foods

Ethiopia Down Under is a professional member of the NSW/ACT Coeliac Society gf = Gluten Free foods – foods marked with this symbol contain no wheat flour or wheat products (we do not add flour thickeners).

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